Actor Who Played Hitler in Downfall Talks About the Parodies

He seems a little bittersweet about it.  But stick with it or skip a bit to the end.


Maybe someone who speaks German can tell us if the subtitles actually reflect what he is saying in places…

My opinion is that he should embrace being a pop icon.  If his performance had not been so good then this scene would not have been selected for parody so often. But the poor guy can’t even get mad and yell at someone without people laughing at him now.

William Shatner talks about how he had trouble accepting that people weren’t punking him for being Kirk and really admired him for the role.  He was very paranoid that people were making fun of him when they would say things like “beam me up.”  But I get the feeling Shatner is a piece of work in some ways so he might not believe half of the things he says.  Too many actors of great skill are laboring in obscurity for those who make it to question their good fortune.

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