Bits and Pieces

A survey of American Political Science Association scholars rates Obama as being the 18th best president with three times as many listing him as one of the worst presidents as opposed to one of the best presidents.  This is pretty damning since the poll was run by the Brookings Institution and political scientists tend to be fellow travelers.

Meanwhile the media is trying to dig up dirt on WI Governor Scott Walker in order to derail his presidential run.  So far all they have is that he quit college before completing his degree to take a job offer.  Since this is something unfathomable to the credentialed class they will try to play gotchya games with him.  He should steal a page from Reagan’s Book of Gentle Humor and simply reply that he admits he does not have the education of some of his predecessors.  For instance, he only knows of 50 states in the Union.  They must cover the other seven in the senior year, or perhaps only Ivy League schools have that sort of esoteric knowledge.  The point is to have fun with it and make it painful for reporters to ask that question.  Defang the issue and move on.

In my opinion we have had about enough of letting Ivy League grads run things.  They have certainly made a mess of it.  Maybe Walker could institute a moratorium on hiring any Ivy League graduates in the name of diversity.  Let them eat their own rhetoric for a change.  What “elite” universities are really selling is access.  They introduce their students to the current rulers, teach them the secret handshake (which usually involves a reach-around of some sort) and they get to be part of the club.  Excellence and knowledge have nothing to do with it.  This access is the only thing that makes Ivy degrees worth more than those issued by many other colleges.

And even in the instance where for instance Harvard or Yale might have specialized knowledge of how some portion of our government currently works the fact remains that no part of our government currently works all that well so such knowledge is of limited value at best.  It might even have negative value.  It is high time to have outsiders come in and try to fix things.  Getting yet another bunch of Ivy grads is the last thing we need.

And if they complain too much then you can always propose a tax on any college endowment that is more than say $100 million because the 1% etc…

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