Cargo Cult Continues Building Runways

Powerline has the latest bit of fiddling that the warmists have been doing with the temperature record.  I could see justifying a few corrections for measurements here and there but when they are always adjustments in one direction — to make the world look like it is warming — then you know the fix is in.  I give you the adjusted and unadjusted data from Paraguay.  Behold science!



There are several more of those at the link.  This is an interesting age we live in.  Since all information is digital it is easy to airbrush history so that all past records show whatever you like.  But we are early enough into the digital age that there are still written records to consult.  And there are also millions of people who may have downloaded the old records before the new ones supplanted them.  And this sort of thing is not unusual as New Zealand apparently disavowed its own temperature records due to a similar sort of fiddling.

It reminds me of the cargo cults in Africa where the natives constructed crude facsimiles of landing strips and control towers as they thought that is how you summoned the airplanes which brought all sorts of nifty goods.  Here the climatologists construct a crude facsimile of their theory out of the altered data in the hopes that it summons grants and manna from politicians who in turn hope it summons them the excuse to exercise more power and authority for their own enrichment.  And so it goes…  completely destructive and unproductive people living at the expense of everyone else by running one con or another.

I have no doubt CO2 plays a role in determining temperature.  I also have no doubt the models we have now exaggerate that effect greatly.  And indeed, almost all of them have been disproved with only a few remaining that have the current correct temperatures as even being within the realm of what the model allows.

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