The Game of Throne and the Queen of Crones

So how solidly was the fix in for Obamacare with some of the justices?  Recently the hate filled, Queen of Crones, Ruth Bader Ginsberg gave an interview where she gushed about how wonderful Obamacare is as it moves us towards a fully socialized system of medicine like the rest of the major world powers.  She apparently never got the lecture from her parent about how if all of her friends decide to jump off a cliff it doesn’t mean she has to do so as well.  But leftists are nothing if not lemmings to be herded.  Just to add to the inappropriateness of her conduct she expressed these sentiments while there are other Obamacare challenges still pending before the court.  She then went on to say how well she gets along with the man who has usurped more power in an extra-constitutional fashion than any president in US history and who likes to lecture the Supreme Court on how badly they do their jobs.

Of course, given the fact she runs around drunk in public these days none of this should be surprising.  Judicial temperament and sobriety take a back seat to ideology when picking left wing judges so you will not hear the press making a big deal of this like they would if Justice Thomas got liquored up and ran around talking about how he wanted to mandate that everyone carry a firearm.

All I can say is that if Ruthie weren’t a Supreme Court justice she would be a bag lady somewhere pushing around a cart full of empty liquor bottles whom she refers to as her “fallen soldiers in the Army Against the Dark Thoughts.”  Then she could hold forth in the alleyways to her adopted family of feral cats about how in another dimension she would wield great power and make those who mocked her PAY!  Well, pay or buy overpriced health insurance that doesn’t match their needs.

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