Obama Offering Air Cover for Iran’s Nuclear Program?

There are reports  that Israel was planning to bomb Iran’s nuclear program last year but Obama threatened to shoot their planes down if they went through with the attack.  Hopefully these reports are untrue but it shows how badly things have deteriorated when one can’t dismiss such reports out of hand.  When you have people like Susan Rice and noted anti-Semites such as Zbigniew Brzezinsky giving advice to the president then it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that whatever policies come out of the Oval Office will be inimical to the Jewish state and likely not in the best interests of the US or any other free country.

Obama had a chance to back the student revolution in Iran when he came to power and he chose the Mullahs instead.  Time and again he has backed the most radical factions from Iran, to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to allowing ISIS to take over parts of Iraq when that area had been fully pacified and secured, to turning Libya into a collection of warring factions, each more bloody than the last.

So through that lens such reports as the recent one become much more believable.  For some completely inexplicable reason Obama has placed a tremendous amount of his prestige on the line in trying to negotiate a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.  It is as if he considers it a test of his powers of persuasion and his world view to be able to convince them to be our buddies.

He will no doubt drag some dog vomit of a treaty back before his term is up that gives Iran everything it wants.  It will never be ratified and he will have provided Iran cover for making tremendous progress towards building a bomb.  So even if he did not offer literal air cover, he has certainly offered political cover to Iran and anything they ultimately do with the bomb which will be the lovechild of his fecklessness and arrogance will be upon his head.  Even if they never use it there will be an arms race in the Middle East as the Sunnis will then need their own bomb.  And it is inconceivable that someone won’t use one of those bombs at some point.  This is the Middle East we are talking about where 7th Century death cults like ISIS are what pass for political reform movements.  At the very least our hands will be completely tied when it comes to using force against Iran and whoever else joins the nuclear club.  Think North Korea if it were led by someone even crazier who believes the Mahdi will come to redeem us when the world burns.

BTW, I would put the over/under at how many questions the press asks about these new reports at zero.  Let’s hide and watch…

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