The Appeal Of Scott Walker

Legal Insurrection has a nice article on how Scott Walker’s Republican rivals are working feverishly to bring him down.  They seem to be a bit confused as to why he is running as strongly as he is, especially with the press gunning for him to clear the path for His Royal Jebness.

I think the basis of his appeal lays in the fact that those who love liberty and those who are conservative have been dealt an almost uninterrupted string of defeats over the course of nearly a decade, many of them engineered with the help of the Republican estab(you in the back)lishment as we just saw with the capitulation theater over immigration.

The rubes were told that the only way to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty program was to elect more Republicans.  Then once the House and Senate are delivered to them the leadership turns around and makes a deal with the Dems to fund the very program they were elected to halt.  Boehner and the leadership quite literally chose the Democrats above the majority of their own party when the public was overwhelmingly against the illegal amnesty.  They simply couldn’t be bothered to tell the truth and say that any shutdown would be the result of the president throwing a fit that he wasn’t allowed to break the law.  That would have been an easy issue to win on if they had just made the effort.  But the paymasters who own them and write them checks for their reelection are more valuable to them than any principle or any potential victory.

So this time around the voters are looking for two things in a Republican candidate.  Someone who does not openly loathe them and someone who will not pay them lip service only to turn on them once in office.  Words are not enough.  They have to bring something more to the table this time because the base has been lied to over and over again and played for fools.

And this is where Walker excels.  Anyone who is familiar with the insanity he faced in Wisconsin knows exactly the price he paid to break the grip of the public unions there and restore fiscal sobriety.  It got so bad that prosecutors in WI may (and should) eventually go to jail for illegal actions they apparently took trying to bring Walker down.  Legislators ran away to other states so that a quorum could not be called which would allow issues to be voted upon.  Moonbats overran the capitol building and practically lived there for months on end.  Vile attacks and threats were made against anyone who supported Walker and police raids were staged to intimidate groups who worked with him.  Yet he held firm and won in the end.  This gave conservatives two things they have not gotten out of any other politician on their side in a long, long time — loyalty, and a victory.

So all of the attacks from establishmentarian clowns who have no goals outside of wanting to win the next election only serve to help Walker and that is exactly what the polls show.  The same goes for attacks from the press.  As Democratic party operatives they will go after whoever they perceive to be the greatest threat.  So as the other Republican candidates wargame over which attacks will weaken Walker they may as well just write a check to his campaign because those attacks only bolster his credibility.

They don’t pay me huge consulting fees to lie to them like they do their campaign managers but my advice is that they need to shut up and sell themselves on their own merits.  If they don’t have any then they need to get out of the race because this time around if you haven’t already spilled blood for the base they aren’t going to come out and spill blood for you.  Even if Jeb buys the nomination and the press pushes him over the finish line he will lose in the general election because what is the point of putting the equivalent of a McConnell or a Boehner in the White House?

This isn’t about winning an election.  We have seen how useless that is and Republicans in the House and Senate rub it in our faces nearly every day now.  No, this election is about trying to accomplish something and turn back the tide of moral and fiscal bankruptcy that has lead us to the point where no one even knows what the law is, how it is made, or why they should follow it since none of our politicians or judges do.  It is about shrinking the government and returning the power back to the people.  It is about finally getting the pendulum to swing the other way long enough so we can see if it is already too late or not.  It is about punishing all of those who have abused the powers of their positions in our government who have not been held accountable.  And it is about who we can trust to do all of these things.

So any argument made about how Scott Walker doesn’t have experience doing this or that is trumped by the fact that Walker has experienced something none of them ever have — a victory in something other than an election.  The price for entry is this election cycle is that you must bring us a skull to prove you are serious — and Walker sits on a throne of them made from our political enemies.

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