Gun Control

The sign says, “Federal Installation, Firearms Are Prohibited In This Facility.”


See gun control works. The gun never entered the building. The bullets on the other hand…  According to our illustrious leader we obviously just need are better signs.

Speaking of which – you will also notice the other sign which says “Marines – The Few, The Proud.”  That they are.  But they are also “The Sitting Ducks” because of our current policies which prevent servicemen from carrying firearms while on duty.

These truly are absurd times.  Our military has to call the police when they are attacked because they are not allowed to be armed while we are at war against an enemy who recruits in our own homeland.  A terrorist would face more firepower storming my home than they did attacking our recruiting stations and military bases.  It is almost like the people in charge WANT them to be targets. We have had the Ft Hood shooting, another at a naval yard and then the recent one at two military facilities in Chattanooga all in the past few years. Apparently our leaders are exceptionally dimwitted and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Whatever accidents or problems they think might occur from allowing the soldiers to go armed when they are in uniform would not exceed the number of casualties we have been seeing recently.

It has gotten bad enough now that the civilian population has had to take it upon themselves to protect the soldiers as several people took their own firearms and stood guard at a couple of recruiting centers today, including one in Hiram, GA, about 100 miles south of the Chattanooga shooting.

Pretty much everything we do to prevent and respond to mass shootings is wrong and I will have a post about that coming in the next day or so.

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