Obama Finally Comes in Handy

Oh, I don’t mean he has done anything brilliant or useful.  But he has contributed just by existing, sort of like how he got his Nobel Peace Prize without having brought any — you know — peace.

The Chinese stock market is in a full fledged tumble as the government created housing bubble there is finally popped.  Sound familiar?  The Greeks have voted to not pay back what they borrowed as if that will somehow replenish their ATM’s when no one else will lend them money to pay people not to work.  And the NYSE was down today due to problems which have not yet been explained.

You would think all of this would roil the markets and lead to panic here.  But given how incurious our press is to anything that reflects badly on Obama, and how they see their job as being to distract us from his failings they might actually serve a useful purpose for once and keep people from panicking.  We will see.

So for all of you people who thought Obama had no possible good use there you go.  I also understand that Satanists have issued a bulletin for all of their brethren to be buried in warm parkas now.

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