Obama Midwives the Iranian Bomb

These are the burning times when man forgets all that he has known and tears down all that he has built.  – Thatch

For some reason Obama has been dead set since he took office upon reaching an agreement with the Iranians that will allow them to continue their nuclear program.  He passed up a chance to support a popular uprising early in his presidency and sided with the mullahs instead.  He poked his finger in the eye of our Eastern European allies who had expended great political capital to allow us to base anti-missile systems there by cancelling the program that would have protected us from Russian and Iranian long range missiles without even consulting our allies or listening to their wishes.  And he rolled over on every negotiating point to such an extent that even the French thought him to be negotiating for the Iranians and against the other parties at the table.  All to arrive at a final agreement that it is fair to say will offer us nothing we didn’t really have without it.  There will not even be free and unfettered inspections of the Iranian nuclear program.  Obama likely sees this as cementing his legacy somehow.  It will certainly do that, just not in the way he thinks.

There will be considerable fallout from this agreement.  It all but assures a nuclear weapons race in the Middle East.  Some reports say the Saudis are already looking to buy their own weapons from the Pakistanis.  Nuclear nonproliferation is now an abandoned concept.  For all of the flack Bush took for invading Iraq only to find no active WMD program we can at least say that when he left office we were sure the Iraqi’s did not have WMDs.  When Obama leaves office we will be certain that the Iranians WILL have them.  That is a significant difference that no one has seemed to point out yet.

It is worthwhile to remember that Clinton allowed the North Koreans to attain nuclear weapons on his watch and left his successors to deal with the figurative fallout as they tried to avoid more literal fallout of the radioactive sort.  At least with North Korea we were dealing with an inward looking country with no real philosophy they wanted to export.  Their main concern was making sure that their leaders had unfettered access to western luxuries and that their own people remained cowed.  There was also the fact that their artillery covered a large portion of the South Korean population and it would have taken a major evacuation to deal with the north militarily.  Although the North Koreans are very vulnerable to sanctions they have used both their artillery threat and their nuclear threat to blackmail the outside world for things they have needed in the past and to keep crippling sanctions from being implemented against them.

There were no such excuses for what was done with the Iranians.  They have tried to export a lethal form of Islam.  They have killed American soldiers and civilians.  They have a desire to spread their influence and power, and have done so even as far away as South America through sponsoring terror networks and spreading propaganda to radicalize and convert people to their cause.  They are developing delivery systems to be ready when they have their bomb and the official state religion is one that sees the breaking of the world as the harbinger of the Mahdi’s return.  Obama looked at all of that and weighed it against having a meaningless piece of paper he could crow over.  The choice was never in doubt.  Heck, he even may win another Nobel Peace Prize for it.

We should also give a large share of credit for this agreement to Sen Corker from Tennessee.  It was his legislation that flipped the constitutional requirement of 2/3rds approval for treaties so that in this case we will pretend only 1/3rd will be required.  No one understands what the Republicans were thinking when they did this or what they thought they would gain by it.  Best guess is they didn’t want a contentious issue to deal with that would interfere with their efforts to elect more RINOs so they set it up as a bit of failure theater where they could pretend to oppose the treaty while actually assuring its passage.  This way even more of them could vote against the treaty in the final vote since it was the earlier vote that mattered.  Obama just has to retain a third of the votes to thwart any attempt to scuttle his sellout. The Republicans looked at the threat this would cause us to face and weighed it against preserving their own perks and power.  Here again, the outcome was never in doubt.

Our best hope now is that the agreement pays off by defusing the ability of the mullahs to gin up anger at the outside world and allow western culture in the form of sex, drugs and rock and roll to work its magic against the Islamists like it did against the communists.  But that is the work of generations and if this agreement has done anything it has put us on the clock.

And the final bit of insult in all of this is the fact that the Constitution requires 2/3rds approval of treaties and makes no provision where the number can be lessened by anything other than a constitutional amendment.  So we will be saddled with yet another but of illegality and lawlessness that we must pretend is legitimate.  And really, at this point, what difference does it make?  It state can be federal, mandates can be taxes, and the intent and text of our laws are of no consequence then why can’t 2/3rds be 1/3rd?  If such be madness it is madness no greater than what we have already accepted.

For these are the burning times…

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