Roundup 8/11/15 – As the World Burns

We just thought we were past the days when the barbarians would be at the gates.

In Syria an SAS sniper team got word that a beheading was about to take place.  Upon arrival they found the gruesome work had already started.  A man and his son were next up.  They had been placed on their knees as the headsman approached.  He never made it there due to a carefully placed sniper round from about 1000 yards away.  His two companions who had been standing watch shortly contracted the same sort of lead poisoning and joined him.  I can’t imagine what was going through their minds at that moment but once the crowd untied them they wasted no time fleeing the area. God speed to them.

Meanwhile, back in the supposedly civilized world, a court in England has ruled that the British Army violated UK’s Human Rights Act by holding a Taliban terrorist for more the 96 hours and have awarded damages which could exceed the equivalent of over $1.5 million to the man who was responsible for building roadside bombs.  You can’t make this sort of stuff up.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the first step after declaring any sort of war is to test all of your weapons on the lawyers.  You know, even if the law were screwed up enough to call for such an award to be made there is such a thing as resigning rather than being a party to a great evil.  Somehow that never occurs to these people.

Perhaps if there were more of this — Staten Island Attorney Demand Trial By Combat — we could cull the herd a little bit.



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