13 Year Old Boy Faces Sexual Assault Charges for Stolen Kiss

Apparently he kissed a 14 yr old girl on a dare while at school.

That is certainly boorish behavior, but somewhere we have lost all sense of perspective.  Since when is a good slap in the face not adequate recompense?  And the school could force an apology or dole out other punishments as is warranted.  Certainly something short of putting the kid on a registered sex offender’s list for life would suffice.

But things have been politicized to the point where everything must engender hysteria because that hysteria is useful to certain groups.  No action can just be a bad decision by an individual.  It is always an indictment of an entire culture, or sex, or race… because we have abandoned all reason and decided to revert to being a shame based culture where the sins of any member of a group are attributed to everyone in that group.  So not only does Obama govern us like we are a completely lawless, third world country, we are actually adopting the values that make those countries backwards and benighted.  This is the inevitable consequence of the government being seen as the arbiter of all things.  If you can create enough of an uproar you can get it to intervene on your side and gain an advantage.  So you blow little situations like this one up to the point where someone is put in jail. And politicians always have to pander or pit one group against another because they are like bookies… they make their living on the vig.  Or, if you prefer, they are the alien entity on the classic Star Trek episode that feeds on strife.

In the interest of full disclosure I should add that I was involved in a similar incident in elementary school.  A little girl snuck (and yes that is a word, a fine Southern word of genteel manners as all Southern words are)  — she snuck up on me while I was getting a drink at the water fountain and kissed me on the cheek.  It never occurred to me that I should seek to have her imprisoned for her transgression.  It never occurred to me that this was a part of some rape culture propagated by the matriarchy — unless that was some alternate definition of “cooties.”  Yet I am repeatedly assured that this is a more enlightened age and today’s generation is far more rational than those which came before.

Another incident occurred recently where Apple was demonstrating some new Adobe tools and showing how you could adjust a person’s smile in an image.  Now you see the problematic choice they were faced with don’t you?  No?  Well they didn’t either.  They could either choose a man and then be charged with favoring them over women or they could choose a woman and be charged with wanting to control her emotions.  Oh, it doesn’t matter whether you are adding or removing a smile, or whether you choose a man or a woman.  There is no scenario where you do not make some overwrought and irrational person loser angry.  If you remove the smile then you want to make women sad just like the patriarchal asshole you are.  If you add a smile then you are a patriarchal asshole who thinks a woman should always smile at a man in a pleasing fashion.  If you choose a man you are ignoring women and contributing to the glass ceiling by denying a model work — and being a patriarchal asshole.

That is how the game is played.  If feminists created their own math all equations would equal one and that one would be them.  And ironically enough they would be correct because who else would want to coexist with them?  They can’t even stand each other. So if they see the world as an unfair, lonely and oppressive place that is because that is how they would have it to be.

And of course they never stop to think that women can (and do) use these tools too.

Every age has its hysterias.  But the current age seems to have them all.  It is like they are collectible and people are determined to collect the whole set of grievances.  Nothing is so trivial that it can’t be added to the list, and used as the impetus for rearranging society from the roots up.  This is what happens when a culture becomes completely unmoored from any shared, foundational principles.  It is what happens when incentives are perverted.  And it is what happens when you have a large and intrusive central government that sees itself as the arbiter of all “the things.”

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