From the Bridge of a Federation Starship to a Jail Cell in Roane County

Jennifer Ann Lien, the actress who played Kes on Star Trek Voyager was arrested on September 3rd in Harriman, TN for indecent exposure.

I am sure you are remembering her from happier days when she looked like this and are thinking this couldn’t be too bad.

Kes in happier days.

Well you are wrong.


And yes, she is naked there.

She reportedly got into an argument with her neighbor about proper child rearing methods.  She proceeded to berate the neighbor with vulgarities and ended up both lifting her shirt and dropping her pants in front of the neighbor’s children to accentuate her displeasure.

When the police came they found her at her home, both still naked and still belligerent.

Who knew the Ocampa had such strong opinions about child rearing?In all seriousness, let’s hope she gets some help for whatever is troubling her.

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