The Left Has Their Pope

Pope Francis has come to visit the US, and while he spoke a great deal about income inequality, Cuba, immigration and climate change he barely mentioned any of the concepts the church is traditionally interested in such as personal responsibility, freedom from tyranny, morality, the sanctity of life etc…  You can tell by the effusive coverage the media is giving him that he is a man of the left.  The press would not be giving him such effusive coverage and risking coming down with a case of religious cooties otherwise.

I don’t know how people got it into their heads that income inequality is a greater problem than penury and starvation, but it is just a sign of how silly and unserious the current era is.  There is no acknowledgement that tyranny and penury are always the twin handmaidens of  a powerful central government, or that demonizing the only system which holds any chance of liberating and enriching people will only assure that they never flourish.

I think this cartoon best sums up what we have seen thus far.


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