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More Odd Twitter Behavior?

Twitter has been taking a lot of flack for holding conservative users to a different standard of behavior than everyone else.  Recently prominent conservatives have had their accounts pulled, or had their verification checkmark removed, or been shadowbanned.  And yes, … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder About Paybacks

      Sorry for the crappy photoshop but that is but one of the many talents I do not possess.  I shall demonstrate others as time goes on.

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Due Process is Rape Culture – More on Title IX Suit at the University of Tennessee

I have been able to look over a copy of the suit since the last post.  As I said previously, I am not qualified to comment on the merits of the complaint as a whole, but I will point out … Continue reading

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Justice Scalia Has Passed Away

According to KVIA he passed away while on a hunting trip Marfa, TX. It is hard to imagine a worse thing happening to the Republic than Obama appointing a Supreme Court Justice.  Hopefully Congress will hold out long enough to … Continue reading

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What Happens When a Hand Puppet Mocks SJW’s

I don’t care much for Triumph the Insult Dog, but I have to admit that this bit is clever.  And frankly, given the nature of what Social Justice Warriors believe, it is almost impossible for it not to be hilarious … Continue reading

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Women Sue UTK to Deny Due Process Rights

Six women filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday claiming the University of Tennessee has created a student culture that enables sexual assaults Oh my, this sounds terrible.  What is it that the University of Tennessee did?  Well there is some nebulous and … Continue reading

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