In Case You Are Not Feeling Inadequate Enough About Your Parenting

I saw where a father who is a video game designer created an enchanted tree house for his daughter’s room.


You can go to this link to see how he did it, but it will just depress the hell out of you.

I will say though that my own daughter is doing fine even without the fancy tree and ceramic forest friends.  She is 13 now and just returned from Space Camp in Huntsville AL.  She won an academic contest and the entire trip was paid for by a local business, Harrison Construction Company.  She also was invited to take the SAT in 7th grade because her scores on the state exams were in the top 5%.  She won’t be getting into college based on the score she received, but it was good practice for her.

Not bad considering about the closest I could come to dressing up her room like the one in the picture would be to paint the walls.  The rest of it is beyond my skills.

But just the thought that there are fathers out there doing nice things like this for their children can’t help but warm your heart.  The bastard…

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