UTK Embarrasses Itself by Implementing Marxist Parking Prices

So you think that everyone should pay the same price if they consume the same good or service?  Well, you are wrong!  Little did you know that you should be charged based on your ability to pay.  Behold the parking permit prices for comrades employees of the People’s University of Tennessee.

  • $29,999 and under annual compensation will pay $20 per month
  • $30,000 to $59,999 will pay $30 per month
  • $60,000 to $149,999 will pay $35 per month
  • $150,000 and over annual compensation will pay $50 per month

I know I am not as smart as the people who run the university, but I am left to ponder certain things about this.  For one, how did they arrive at the prices?  If I were the suspicious sort I would say that they pulled them out of their asses, as indeed they would have to given that they are not referring to any market price.  The people who make $150k aren’t paying five times what the people who make $30k are paying.  So why the discount for the well to do?

And do they think this really means anything?  I would assume the people who make $150k can negotiate an extra $50 whenever they like, whereas those on the bottom of the scale have no such leverage.  And it gets worse if you look at disposable income.  The guy at the bottom probably has next to nothing left from his salary once he pays essentials.  Since we are de-linking the price of something from what it costs in the name of social justice shouldn’t we consider net income rather than gross?

And what of other social justicy considerations?  What if two people making the same salary belong to different groups?  Perhaps one of those groups has been historically disadvantaged and the other hasn’t?  What about justice for them?  Huh!  Where is their justice, punk!  And does it make sense that a Prius would pay the same as a Lamborghini?  Why hell no!  We can social engineer the shit out of this bitch.  Because this is not just a parking fee, oh no, no, no, no.  This is about righting all of the world’s wrongs.  We are going to total up all of the sins of you and your ancestors.  Then we are going to total up the sins of all of your comrades colleague’s and those of their ancestors.  Then we are going to correct all of the world’s ills with a single parking permit.  You heard me.  It is time to settle up bitches!  Because damnit, people need to take us seriously!  You guys are all doing it wrong and no one in the real world will listen to us. Why won’t they listen to us Mommy?


No, this is just virtue dumbass signalling.  The prices don’t hurt those at the top.  You could be damn well sure they wouldn’t be implemented if they did.  They aren’t even proportional.  It is just the university’s way of saying, “if you want to learn about economics you need to go somewhere else because we are such ignorant fools here that we took the dictum ‘from each according to his means’ seriously.”

Really UT?  Are you this dead set on making my degree worthless?

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