A Picture that is Symbolic of Our Age

This picture is the perfect image of whose interest are represented by each side of the Brexit.

Here you have a few elitist snobs cruising along in their multimillion dollar yacht, accompanied by their mascot, a washed up, third rate, rock star named Bob Geldoff.  It is always obligatory to have an “artist” in any gathering of the rich and powerful, for values of “artist” who are never actually busy creating anything.  Pitted against this lot you have a flotilla of working men piloting their fishing vessels up the Thames to try to get their voices heard about how the EU has destroyed their livelihood.

It isn’t enough that the elitist assholes who run everything are effete imbeciles.  They also have to try to drown out anyone who expresses a different opinion.  The boat Geldoff was on pulled up to the one carrying the leader of the protest and drowned him out with its superior sound system.  But the fishing boats got their licks in too when they hosed down the posh people, on the posh deck of the Koba-poshy Maru.

There will be blood before the international left is put back in their cages.  There always is with them.  This little Tussle on the Thames looked fun, and probably was.  But when men who work to support themselves and the country start protesting rather than the regular lot of rabble who are trying to steal a march while everyone else is at work, then you know passions are high.  The US put a stop to that sort of thing here when they demonized the Tea Party and had multiple government agencies do everything but round up their leaders.  But all that did was get them Trump who is everything they lied about the Tea Party being.

If you call the name of the demon often enough it always comes.  And it never enters by a door when a mirror will do.

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