Notorious, High Priced Washington Call Girl Has Medical Episode

Hillary Clinton, a notorious, high priced Washington call girl who sells government access for cash, had a medical episode today where she had to leave a 9/11 memorial event due to overheating.

Here is a video of her being helped into a van.  She appears to be near collapse.


There is some speculation on Twitter as to whether she will drop out of the race but I think there is little chance of that happening short of her being interred and embalmed.

I don’t see her giving up the pursuit of power.  It is what she has yearned for her entire life — the ability to compel others to take seriously a woman who is bereft of any intellectual gifts, and who cannot compete on any basis other than selling favors.  She gave up her dignity in supporting Bill, she gave up her conscience and ethics for money.  She gave up having any sort of love in her life which does not revolve around the pursuit of power.  What would she have left if she dropped out of the race?

It is an interesting election though when both parties would increase their chances of winning if their nominee were to drop out.  It may not be entirely pleasant living through the collapse of a country, but it is certainly interesting.

And given that temperature yesterday morning in New York were in the low 80’s I think it is fair to say that if Hillary overheated she is either exhausted or is in poor health due to some other medical condition.

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