Castro’s Hearse Breaks Down

I got this off Twitter so it may be a parody account, but if God ever answers the prayers of agnostics then I pray, “please God let this be true!”  It would be the most ironic thing in the history of irony.


Soldiers push the jeep and trailer carrying the ashes of the late Fidel Castro after the jeep briefly stopped working during Castro’s funeral procession near Moncada Fort in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016. Castro’s ashes will be interred Sunday in Santiago, ending a nine-day period of mourning that saw Cuba fall silent as thousands paid tribute to photographs of Castro and sign oaths of loyalty to his socialist, single-party system. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)


Ah yes, nothing signals a sincerely held belief free of all coercion like a loyalty oath does.  I think I will write one up for my wife and see what she says.

I also think the lesson we can all draw from this is that the difference between heaven and hell is that in hell the air conditioners are all manufactured by socialists.

Update: Apparently the story is true. It is on the AP wire, but none of the bigger news outlets are covering it.  You can scroll through the AP pictures here and find it.


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