Italy Embraces Leftist Fascism

This is one of the most maddening videos I have ever seen.   The Italian government is forcing people to take Muslim “refugees” into their homes and businesses.  Supposedly there should be compensation, but in typical Italian fashion it will come way too late to be of any help to anyone.  I would bet the man in this video will see the grave before he sees a penny of it… which is likely the plan.

The government is apparently intent on arresting anyone who resists and is planning to send up to 2000 soldiers and police into certain areas to quell any resistance.  You can see a translation of an article in the Italian press here, and it has a link to the original source so you can judge the veracity for yourself.  I am not familiar with the Italian news outlet in question so this should all be taken with a grain of salt.  I can see someone in Italy for instance stumbling upon the New York Times website and thinking it is a legitimate, unbiased news source if they were not familiar with the US.

But in either case, this provides a reminder of the proper and limited role of government.  The main reason we humans invented government was to prevent the tribe over the next hill from coming and raiding our own tribe.  Bad things can happen then, like your stuff gets taken, or you get killed or forced out of your home.  Preventing these bad things from happening is one of government’s two or three legitimate functions. And it is not that what the government does is all that much different than what the other tribe would do — it certainly uses force to extract the personal possessions of those it purports to serve for instance — but rather we form governments in the hopes that our own tribesmen might be more likely to leave us more of what is ours than outlanders who have no stake in the community.  But nations are large and unwieldy things and this does not always work, especially when as we have seen over the last 8 years people are encouraged to form up their own tribes within the larger one.  Then instead of raiding they just use the government to go collect things for them.

That is bad enough, but when the government actively starts importing the rival tribes, and confiscating our stuff to give to them, then just what is the purpose of having a government at all?  We are perfectly capable of being invaded all on our own without their help.

And this is why we used to have a Bill of Rights which provided we would be able to arm ourselves and that the government should consider our homes and possessions to be sacrosanct.  The Kelo decision, and asset forfeiture laws pretty much shit-canned most of that.  Which just goes to show that we should always be vigilant because those who would do evil, like the policemen in this video, will always be with us.  Just because government is in some cases the lesser of two evils doesn’t mean that it is not evil.  The more unconscionable the laws are then the lower the ethics must be of those who enforce those laws.  This is how nations become corrupted.

And at some point, you end up like the poor man in this video — impotently threatening to sue the very government which is supposed to protect you for doing the very thing it was supposed to prevent.

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