Man Punches Kangaroo to Save Dog, PETA Pissed

Here is the video.  It is hilarious.

Then PETA steps in to help the Mr. Kangaroo lawyer up and it gets even funnier.



Seriously, the only mistake the man made was not using a firearm to get the kangaroo to let the dog go.  He was there hunting pig with a friend who was terminally ill (and has since died) so there would be a gun handy.  I guess maybe he was afraid he would hit the dog?  But you don’t want to get in a fist fight with something which has claws like these.

So really, the guy showed great restraint and put himself at risk to a far greater extent than he needed to.

And contrary to what PETA says, it was the kangaroo which advanced on him.  He presented a distraction so the dog could get away and then he backed off a couple of steps once the animal was free while maintaining a defensive posture.  Then the kangaroo advanced and he clocked it.  The funny thing about it is how human the animal’s reaction is at that point.  It is stunned.  At one point it looks like it is trying to look around and make sure none of its friends saw what happened.

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