One Way to Respond to Social Justice Warriors

People often wonder how to respond when some obnoxious social justice warrior comes up and starts making very cogent and well reasoned arguments (and by that I mean they call you a racist).  I think this guy handles it very well.  I have used the same technique before (although I usually try to yawn and just not respond), but there are a lot of moments here when I would not have been able to refrain from saying something — especially when the girl starts up with her “love you long time” voice and tries to mock him.

But he just keeps his cool and the predictable result is that his tormenters come off looking like the intolerant SJW twats that they are.  I think at the end the fellow who was with the girl starts to twig to the fact that maybe, just maybe they weren’t going to come out of this looking so good.  Self-awareness is not a big virtue of these people.  I always get a big kick out of how they record the event thinking they are the heroes.

And the nice thing about this is that they got the response they deserved — none.  They made no serious arguments, they just started in with the insults.  So why waste time even engaging with such people?  I have a relative who does this sort of thing and eventually we all just got to where we either wouldn’t respond or would just get up and walk out.

People like the ones in the video really should be an object of derision and pity.  Look at the woman here.  I believe she may be borderline retarded — not just in the “haha, you so dumb” or the “I want to insult you because you have different beliefs” sense, but in the real “Holy Shit there isn’t much going on up there, how does she function” sort of way.  She actually thinks that going to college, or having a degree is relevant in this situation, and that it is in some way a validation of how smart she is rather than a condemnation of how poor the curriculum and standards must be there.  I am sure her college very much wants to keep any affiliation with this woman a secret.

But this is all she has to work with since the guy won’t give her anything.  She has to fantasize about  who he is, and what might hurt his feelings.  And when she does so she just projects her own fears and inadequacies.  Since she mentions being dumb it is pretty clear she has some experience with how hurtful it is for people to think she is dumb.  I bet she actually has a lot of experience with that.  And she mentions free wifi, which is frankly just bizarre.  But it shows how much she values money and thinks that this guy will be hurt if she (the moral arbiter of all that is good and holy) thinks he is poor.  So basically if you combine all of the arguments the two antagonists make you get the pejoratives racist, dumb and poor — because the people making the charges are obviously racist, dumb and quite possibly poor.

And if that isn’t enough at one point the evil guy asks the victim if he is a Jew.  I shit you not!  The people whose first sentence includes the charge of racism asks the guy he is trying to bully if he is a Jew as if that has some bearing on what happened there.  If you presented this as a parody no one would believe it.

Anyway, if anyone has the number of the Vatican you need to call them up and ask if they have an opening for a patron saint of patience, because this dude could teach a master class in it.  He is like the big dog who continues napping while the little dog nips at him — safe in the knowledge that he is the big dog.

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