Trumpocalypse Du Jour

The left is just absolutely losing their shit over every little thing since Trump won.  No sooner had the votes been counted than they were complaining he went to dinner without telling them — because it is absolutely imperative that we know whether Trump had chicken or fish. It is the Paparazzi Amendment in the Constitution or some such shit.

Tonight I have decided to start bringing you some examples of how far off the deep end they have gone.  I start with Joss Whedon, best known for producing superhero movies featuring barrel chested, stout-hearted men…

…who are nothing like his whiny, little ass.  Yeah, I am sure Captain America would break down in tears because his party lost a free and fair election.  Captain America would absolutely support the peaceful transition of power in the manner prescribed by the Constitution.  Why he would…


… let us down completely.  If you read his Twitter account you will see a bunch of ridiculous and uninformed gun control propaganda, which I guess makes a certain degree of sense if you are the sort who runs around in your underwear fighting villains with nothing but a snazzy shield,  even if the shield is bulletproof (link is to video of actual reproduction shield being shot at).  But you would think that he would at least have a 7th grade understanding of why we have an electoral college.  Maybe he is in the wrong franchise.  Maybe if he had been in the Hunger Games he would have a better appreciation of what it is like to have an effete and insulated population of self-centered city dwellers rule the hinterlands for their own benefit while subjecting them to cruel tortures for entertainment.

“This country was founded on immigration and today the only people that feel safe, that their rights are recognized and respected are white men,” — Jennifer Lawrence.

Or maybe not.  As a white guy I would just like to say to Jennifer Lawrence, fuck you and your racist attitude you stupid cow.  You think you get a pass for your hatred and prejudice because you are spewing your venom at an unprotected group.  You think the fact that you can repeat what someone tells you to say for a living somehow makes you better than the plumber who doesn’t see a bit of difference between your shit and anyone else’s shit.  It is safe for you to abuse us because you know that of all of the groups in the country, white men are the least likely to ever cause you a moment of grief or fear. It is absolute and abject cowardice on your part to pretend otherwise.  And you know what I resent the most?  That you make us say this now.  Generally white guys don’t want to compare races, or think less of one over the other.  But when they are unrelentingly and unfairly attacked at some point you are going to get called on your bullshit and it is not going to be pretty.  Would you like it if instead of excuses being made for how violent young black males are that everyone started to demand that they behave themselves and explain why if they are the most violent cohort the rest of us should feel guilty?  Would you like it we started to point out who really has privilege in this country?

I really hate this sort of race baiting.  It is why Trump won.  People are tired of this in your face sort of racism where leftists substitute the ad hominem for any sort of argument.  Just which rights are not respected Jennifer?  The “right” to be here illegally?  Do you think being white would keep someone from being deported if they broke the law?  Or is it being male? Just what exactly are you saying? Hell, a family of Germans who were really being persecuted for wanting to homeschool their kid couldn’t even stay in the country despite being the enormous privilege of being white.  No one set up any sanctuaries for them.

And why would the most vilified group in the country be the group to feel safe?  Why would the only group which the government sanctions discrimination against be the group whose rights are respected?  WTF is wrong with you?  Have you ever even been to America?  I don’t mean Hollywood parties, or enclaves of fellow believers who fill their rich and empty lives with an assortment of guilts that they try on in a quest to be the most fashionable in their affiliations.  I mean families in trailer parks who understand that their son will have to score much higher on the SAT if he is white and that there is not a single HR Department, or college admissions office anywhere in the country looking for more white males.  No matter how hard they work, or how hard their son studies, he will be discriminated against.  No less an entity than the US Supreme Court has ruled exactly that on several occasions now.  What does any other group in the country have to compare to that?  Black guys can’t attack cops and not get shot?  Women can’t make choices that lead to them making less money and then not, you know,  make less money?  No one will believe your fake rape statistics which libel men, or believe that cops are hunting people based on race despite all statistics and facts to the contrary? Well boo-fucking-hoo sister.

And of course, like all white males, it doesn’t matter what Trump does.  He will still be wrong.

Here Meathead is complaining that Trump talked to the president of Taiwan recently.  I happen to think this is an absolutely brilliant move.  Taiwan is the only legitimately elected Chinese government.  It makes perfect moral sense that we should favor them over the slave masters on the continent, and the time is long since past when there was any reason for strategic engagement in trying to liberalize mainland China by allowing them the benefits of free trade.  That was solely a Cold War strategy and we have taken it about as far as it can go.  The Chinese have been dicking around in the South Pacific taking advantage of the fact that Obama doesn’t really even care if the interests of the US and its allies are threatened.  Calling the Tawainese president is very mild pushback on that front and signals that the days of the Red Chinese having a free hand are over.  This is precisely the sort of signal that they will understand, and is much better than having to use the Navy to send a similar message. 

Not only that, but it is negotiating 101 to have two suitors and make them bid against each other.  The Chinese want favorable trade deals and access to our markets.  If they think the Taiwanese may gain favor then they are less likely to take a hard line since they will see themselves as in competition.  The leadership in China damn wells knows that the government there is in no way legitimate.  It is just easy for them to forget that fact if the free world does not remind them of it.  And frankly, this move will also hearten our allies who have spent eight years watching enemies of the US, from Iran, to China, to Russia, to ISIS, get everything they want.  Whereas our allies have gotten nothing.

What incentive does China have to liberalize if we demand no concessions and keep filling their pockets?

But of course, one cannot make such an argument in a Tweet.  The character limit pretty much amps up the name calling. I only like it because where else could I say something to a council member in England and have an off chance of their responding?

So anyway, we have 4-8 more years of this sort of hysteria over absolutely nothing.  And Trump will bait these bastards from sun-up until sundown.  They will not know whether to shit or go blind by the time it is all over because they just can’t bring themselves to shut up and see what he does.  Nor as we saw with Reiner, can they think rationally about anything.  If Trump talks to Taiwan first that will be the dumbest thing ever because it will piss off the Chinese.  If he talks to the Chinese first then he will be endorsing their predations.  And the left will never be able to articulate why any of this is so. They still do not understand that their basic inhumanity, bigotry, lying and irrationality is why the lost the election.  And that is just fine with me.

More please.

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